What’s the View From Where You Are? – Microblog

TweetWhy should you read my blog? To get real, to get clear. Let’s talk about self-growth, delivered in a self-help format. Getting real includes reducing the unhealthy denial in one’s … Continue Reading →

Why use Checklist Quizzes

Tweet “Life Law #4  You Can’t Change What You Don’t Acknowledge” “The point now is that you have to be willing to allow every belief, every position every pattern in … Continue Reading →

What’s the View From Where You Are?

TweetThe Sad Effects of Denial “In virtually every walk of life, I’ve seen the sad effects of denial, and I’ll bet you have, too. It’s time to address the deal … Continue Reading →


TweetBalance in our lives creates a place of health and comfort for us. We maximize our benefit when we seek balance. Even virtues taken to an extreme become faults. A … Continue Reading →